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Professional Organizations and Resource Links
for the Faith Community Nurse

Multiple resources are available for Faith Community Nurse practice.  Foundational resources include:

American Nurses Association (ANA)
The ANA represents the four million nurses in the United States, with members in all of the 50 states and the US territories. ANA provides professional representation, establishes standards of practice and ethics, numerous resources, and education. Otherwise referenced as "Nursing World", ANA hosts the development of the Code of Ethics, Nursing Standards, Position Statements, and Principles for Nursing Practice available at The ANA and HMA 

Faith Community Nurses International (FCNI)
FCNI is a specialty membership nursing organization for faith community nursing. FCNI provides resources, committee opportunities, and educational programs that are now on Vimeo. The FCNI Research Forum is generally presented during the Westberg Symposium.
Faith Community Nurses International - Home (

Faith Community Nursing: Scope and Standards of Practice
The Faith Community Nursing: Scope and Standards of Practice is published by the ANA and the HMA. The current edition, the 3rd edition, was published in 2017, and is available for purchase through ANA, HMA, or your favorite bookstore (Please remember to donate to ELPNA if using Amazon/Amazon Smile!).

The Foundations of Faith Community Nursing Curriculum
The Foundations curriculum manuals are available through the Westberg Institute (WI) and the Spiritual Care Association Nursing Division (see: The Westberg Institute offers educational programs for Parish Nurses/Faith Community Nurses to become Foundations Educators (see:

Health Ministries Association (HMA)
HMA is a membership organization for health ministry, including ministers, parish nurses/faith community nurses, clergy, chaplains, faculty, and program leaders. HMA provides resources, educational programs, and an annual conference. HMA and the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) provided a certification program for FCNs from 2010 until 2017. ANCC discontinued the portfolio credentialing process for a total of seven nursing specialties on November 17, 2017, including FCN credentialing. Additional information on other forms of credentialing is available at: HMA-FCNcertificationupdate_102620.pdf (

Journal of Christian Nursing (JCN)
The Journal of Christian Nursing is an award-winning professional peer-reviewed journal published quarterly since 1984. JCN is dedicated to the integration of faith and nursing utilizing a biblically-based Christian perspective, and is the membership journal for Nurses Christian Fellowship. Continuing nursing education programs are available in each issue.

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship
InterVarsity Christian Fellowship is a campus ministry for students, graduate students, and faculty, integrating faith, learning, and practice.

Nurses Christian Fellowship (NCF)
NCF, a professional nursing membership organization, has a fascinating history that extends back to the 1930s and 1940s (see: NCF partners with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship extending the focus on faith, learning, and practice. The Journal of Christian Nursing (JCN) is the official membership journal for NCF. NCF offers discounted membership to LFCNA members. Go to for more information on NCF.

Spiritual Care Association (SCA)
SCA is the first international multidisciplinary professional membership association for spiritual care providers, including chaplains, nurses, and social workers. SCA has established a focus on evidence-based practice, evidence-based indicators, and the outcomes of practice. SCA provides a multidisciplinary annual conference, the Caring for the Human Spirit Conference. The Nursing Division is available at

Westberg Institute (WI)
The WI, named after Granger Westberg the founder of parish nursing, has been a non-membership association providing numerous resources and an annual Westberg Symposium. WI joined the Spiritual Care Association (SCA) as part of the Nursing Division on November 1, 2020, as a membership organization within SCA. WI will continue to provide resources to members and nonmembers, including the Foundations of Faith Community Nursing Curriculum: Participant Guide (2019 revision).

Over the past several years, the Westberg Institute has published several position papers related to various aspects of parish nurse/faith community nurse practice.  The papers further elaborate and clarify the Scope and Standards of Practice of the Faith Community Nurse.  Links to these position papers follow: 

Faith Community Nursing Compared to Other Nursing Specialties - Dec 2019

Documentation - Dec 2019

Faith Community Nursing and Home Health Nursing - Dec 2019

Wholistic Health - Dec 2019

Westberg Institute Recommendation for Faith Community Nursing Practice and Covid 19 Vaccinations (undated)

Faith Community Nursing: Direct Care or "Hands On" Practice and Glucose Testing

Evidence Based Practice and Faith Community Nursing - 2020

Transitional Care

 MedlinePlus Trusted Health Information for You

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Our mission is to present high-quality, relevant health and wellness information that is trusted and easy to understand, in both English and Spanish. We make reliable health information available anytime, anywhere, for free. There is no advertising on this website, and MedlinePlus does not endorse any companies or products.

MedlinePlus at a Glance

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